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You Need PROFESSIONAL Secretarial Support

  • Do you have an overflow of typing that is not getting done?
  • Are your business cards/contacts sitting in a box gathering dust?
  • Are you spending all your time doing paperwork, instead of doing the real work of your business?
  • Are you spending all your time organising mail outs?
  • Do you need a secretary, but don't need someone all day, every day?

A Virtual Assistant from iSecretarial Support can fix this, leaving you time to do the work you enjoy and grow your business.

You Need ACCURATE Typing

iSecretarial Support specialises in typing services such as digital transcription, word processing data entry with fast and accurate secretarial support to allow you time to concentrate on your own business.

You Need EFFICIENT Secretarial Services

  • NO set up costs to your business i.e. computer,desk, chair, etc.
  • NO employee superannuation.
  • NO employee sick leave.
  • NO employee recreation leave.
  • ONLY pay for what you use i.e. if you only want 1-2 hours work done a week, then that's all you pay for. No need to employ a secretary, who is sitting there all day being paid, with not enough to do.

NO job is too big or too small.